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Kalam P130

The JK Print 300 is particularly well-suited for engineering plastics, ensuring durability and strength in printed parts. The advantages of the JK Print 300 include its customizability, ease of use, and user-friendly interface. 

Crafted to Elevate Your Vision

The JK Print 300 is an exceptional 3D printing machine offered by Andrew Additive 3D. This machine stands out for its sustainable and eco-friendly approach, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious individuals and businesses.

Core XY Structure

swift and dependable


Ready to use out of the box

Upto 200mm/s

Fast and Reliable

Flexible Magnetic Bed

PEI Magnetic Bending Platform


Printing size

Smooth Printing Surface

Core XY Structure

The Core XY structure is vital for enhancing printing precision. This design excels at maintaining stability and accuracy, especially at high speeds, by reducing vibrations and errors. The arrangement of belts and motors in a Core XY printer enables smooth and precise movement of the print head, which is crucial for producing intricate prints with fine details.

PEI Magnetic Bending Platform

The flexible magnetic printing platform ensures quick and effortless model removal with just a bend. It only takes a second to detach prints, leaving the base of the model smooth and refined. This innovation enhances the printing experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Durable All-Aluminum Frame

Our printer features a robust all-aluminum frame, providing exceptional durability and stability. The sleek design not only enhances the machine's aesthetics but also houses all electronics securely within the aluminum body. This ensures optimal protection and heat dissipation for the internal components. Enjoy a reliable and efficient printing experience with our thoughtfully engineered frame.


Extruder quantity

Printing precision

Position precision

Layer thickness

Build size

Nozzle diameter

Printing speed

Max Acceleration

Max travel speed

Max extruder temperature

Filament type

Power supply

Device size

Packaging size

Gross weight

Net weight

Slicing software

Input/Output file type

Printing connection


Working temperature

Compatible operating system

Heating bed setting support

Close design

Filament running out reminding

Replaceable print bed

Continue last printing when power off


Input Options

Bed Type

:     1  

:     0.1mm
:     0.1mm  
:     250x250x300  
:     0.4 to 1mm  
:     300mm/s  

:     Up To 300mm/s  
:     290 °
:     1.75 Dia, PLA, ABS, PETG,TPU, PLA CF  
:     Input: AC115/230V 50/60Hz Output: DC 24V  

:     Ultimaker Cura  
:     G Code, STL  
:     USB Cable, SD Card  

:     30 Degree  

:     Manual
:     No  
:     Yes  
:     Yes  
:     Manual

:     Flexible Magnetic