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3D Printing Basics: Become an Expert in Our Webinar

New to 3D printing technology or just want to fill some knowledge gaps? We got you covered. Learn about the history and future of additive manufacturing, find out about 3D printing basics, processes, materials and applications, and take your skills to the next level with our free webinars. Let’s get started!

Short and Sweet: 3D Printing in a Nutshell



Our overview gives a quick insight into 3d-printing basics and the future-oriented technology of additive manufacturing

What is 3D Printing?



3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing is the process of creating an object layer by layer, unlike traditional manufacturing processes where an object is created from a solid block by removing material. This reverse process is very beneficial for applications in a variety of fields such as medical, aerospace, automotive, design and architecture.

How Does 3D Printing Work?


The starting point for 3D printing is a digital model, usually a 3D CAD model, which is virtually sliced and converted into a file that the 3D printer can read. Layer by layer, the printer then creates the predefined shape. Since the parts can be printed directly, it is possible to produce very complex objects, in some cases even with built-in functions.

3D Printing Materials


There are 3D printers for a wide range of materials and applications. The best-known entry-level variant is FDM. Here, ABS or PLA plastic is melted by the print head and extruded onto the printer bed. Other 3D printers process powdered materials such as nylon, plastic or metal, which are sintered or melted by a laser. The same technique is also used for 3D printing with resin (SLA).


At EOS, we rely on the pioneering technologies SLS and DMLS, which do not require any support structures. An SLS 3D printer selectively melts a powdered plastic material to build a component layer by layer. DMLS uses powdered metal alloy as printing material

Benefits and Global Impact


Industrial 3D printing gives your company immense competitive advantages that go beyond rapid prototyping: local on-demand spare parts production, customized products, lightweight construction, functional integration, you name it. 3D printing reduces stock piling, helps alleviate supply chain constraints and supports the move toward a more sustainable business. And that’s just the beginning.

How does additive manufacturing work?

In these webinars, you'll learn all relevant 3d printing basics and how you can integrate this technology into your business.

Digital Transformation

Existing structures and processes in manufacturing companies are reaching their limits. Learn how 3D printing provides an integrated, flexible, intelligent and digitally optimized solution to these challenges in our webinars.

Industry Specific Knowledge

Aerospace, automotive, medical: Individual industries have different requirements and challenges when it comes to the benefits and integration of 3D printing solutions. Find the answers to your specific questions.

Additive Manufacturing Deep Dive

Improve your skills! We offer valuable knowledge for advanced AM users. Learn how to get the most out of your systems, improve performance, and optimize the quality of your 3D printing production.

Distributed Production

The combination of industrial 3D printing with digital manufacturing structures enables the networking of machines and control software at globally distributed locations. However, the level of integration varies depending on the company's situation and strategy.

Free EOS Webinars: From 3D-Printing Basics to Additive Manufacturing Deep Dive

Our on-demand webinars offer industrial 3D printing knowledge, free of charge and straightforward. Our experts explain the most common and pressing questions about 3D printing in an understandable and comprehensive way. Quickly find the content relevant to you in our thematically organized webinar library.


How can your Organization Approach?

How can your organization approach additive manufacturing (AM) in the best way possible? The simplest answer is to embrace industrial 3D printing as a massive opportunity for growth instead of a......

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Additive Manufacturing with Plastic Materials

Plastic industrial 3D printing offers maximum construction freedom. It works around the limitations of conventional production processes and supports design-driven manufacturing. 

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Learn how to Start Production with Metal..

Practically unlimited opportunities: Metal additive manufacturing (AM) technologies offer maximum freedom of design and production meaning a paradigm change to design-driven\

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How Does Additive Manufacturing Work?


Enter the World of Industrial 3D Printing

Become inspired by our interactive panel discussion:Giving you all the insights from how to start your AM journey over to scaling up production. Learn about exciting partner business cases on customized glasses and honeycomb bicycle helmets.

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An Introduction to Part Screening and Selection 

Additive manufacturing (AM) offers almost endless possibilities for companies across all industries to gain a competitive advantage. While selected pioneers have already managed to demonstrate the disruptive potential of additive manufacturing

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Achieve Customer-Ready Parts Using Post Processing

You have a demanding application that requires more than a white and slightly rough surface? In this webinar you will learn numerous automated techniques to improve part properties after 3D printing.

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Between rubbers and Plastics

Your application requires components that are durable and highly flexible? They should be strong, but yet shock absorbing? Often the truth lies in between and in this case thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

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Metal AM Materials & Processes

Learn about metal additive manufacturing (AM) materials and processes in this webinar hosted by EOS North America’s Alexander Janzen. Metal printing may seem like the “new kid on the block”

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Digital Transformation


Digital Value Chain

Today, additive manufacturing (AM) has removed manufacturability constraints, changing the way manufacturers think about product lifecycle and ultimately bringing these better, more effective parts to market.

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Learn to Lead the Technology Transition in...

We are at the dawn of a new era in flexible production where conventional manufacturing struggles to offer solutions. However, this technology transition can be realized with 

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Big 3D Metal Printing

Never before in the history of manufacturing has the development of commercial space hardware been so accessible. The challenges of fast development and innovation have lessened because of industrial metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing, or AM).

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Additive Manufacturing with Plastic Materials

Briefing on Liquid Rocket Engines and the impact of industrial 3D printing Roadmap to Launcher's success, including key technical data on their progress.Insight into how you can leverageadditive manufacturing for Liquid Rocket Engine production

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Additive Manufacturing for Aircraft Interior

This webinar discusses the future use of polymer additive manufacturing parts in the Aircraft Cabin, it’s potential for cost saving, design improvement and shorter lead times, as well as the hurdles that are yet to be overcome, 

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Industry Specific Knowledge


AM Technology for Sustainable Medical Supply

Are you experiencing a shortage of medical goods due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on your global supply chain? Are you using additive manufacturing (AM)

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A Tipping Point for Additive Manufacturing

In the wake of COVID-19, the manufacturing industry has been turned upside down. In a world of fixed supply chains and complex logistics, the mega factories we rely on are receiving a beat down. Manufacturing is not a cure for COVID-19, 

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Boost Part Performance with Metal 3D Printing

Wondering how Additive Manufacturing can boost a part’s performance and how 3D printing can be successfully implemented for mass production?

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Learn How to Leverage the Disruptive Power of AM

It’s an exciting time in the automotive industry. A shifting customer mindset, E-Mobility and encompassing technologies such as robotics, machine learning and autonomous vehicles will change the way we think about transportation.

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Additive Manufacturing in the Aftermarket - from...

The digitalization of production can not be stopped. In the near future 10% of all spare parts will be printed and supply chains change. So get ready for the challenges of tomorrow´s aftermarket!

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Additive Manufacturing Deep Dive


AM Production Qualifications 

Do you want to implement additive manufacturing (AM) as a production technology? Have you been wondering how to tackle the qualification of your industrial 3D printing production line?

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3D Printing Solutions for Thermal Managements

What have gaming CPUs, LEDs, racing cars and electrical appliances got in common? A need for excellent thermal management in a limited space. In this webinar...

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Crack - Free, 3D Printed Parts With IN939

This webinar will give you an overview of nickel-base superalloys and their challenges in additive manufacturing. It will give insights on how these challenges were overcome during the DMLS

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From the Bronze Age to Digital Age

Do you have an application in that requires copper? Does this application have the potential to benefit from additive manufacturing? And do you ask yourself: 

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Metal Materials

Everyone talks about machines but what about materials? What about quality assurance of virgin and used powders? Post-processing of 3D printed parts? Steels and corrosion? Materials means not only the powder but also the solid parts.

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Distributed Production


Future - Proof Manufacturing with a..

During the expert session you will learn what is necessary to increase production flexibility and improve resilience of supply chains to establish a more sustainable and future proven production via digital manufacturing.

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Build your Digital Production Facility

This expert round table will give you practical insights how to efficiently plan your additive manufacturing facility. Just briefly tell us your production set up and the challenges you are facing we give you a free..

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Looking for an Additive Manufacturing Solution? That Is Where We Come In

Whether for prototypes or additive series production of complex parts: We have the right solution for you. Our extensive portfolio includes 3D printers, accessories and materials for plastic and metal parts.


Industrial 3D Printing

Plastic 3D Printers

Are you looking for a compact plastic 3D printer for a quick and cost-efficient start? Or do you need a modular and digitally networked 3D printing platform for industrial series production?

Our Plastic 3D Printers

Industrial 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printers

The metal-based additive manufacturing technology of DMLS® is the technology of choice for -- metal additive manufacturing machines for almost three decades, and is now the standard in metal 3D printing.

Our Metal 3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing Knowledge

Whether with consulting, trainings or free webinars - we accompany you from the first contact with additive manufacturing technologies to mature solutions for everyday operations.

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