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Who We Are

Andrew Additive is a 3d printer developer and manufacturing start up in Bangalore with the goal to develop and manufacture 3d printers for Industries and we also support and give end-to-end AM solutions for our customers. AM is one of the most disruptive technologies that will change the course of manufacturing and production in the future. AM also plays a huge role in “Industry 4.0”. And we as a company tend to make it our goal to be the figurehead of that change.

Andrew Additive also works with customers  when it comes to AM, by guiding the customers from the ideation stage till the post-processing stage, which also includes support in design - DFAM (Design For Additive Manufacturing), we have a very creative design team in house who push the design limitations to it’s limit to get a totally optimized and functional part for our customers.

We also have a separate development and reverse engineering division within our company that helps our customers who are trying to reverse engineer or develop a new product. We will soon be coming out with our very own indigenous powder bed printer for polymer and metal. Our goal from the very beginning, even before the start of the company was to


​1. Make AM a lifestyle and use it to solve all our day to day problems.

2. To take AM from being only prototyping technology to becoming a production

technology used in major industries.



Project with VIT

Fused filament fabrication-based approach for realization of horn antenna modules and Surface Modification Studies.


Project with Cambridge Institute of Technology

Metal and Chrome plating on 3d printing parts 


Project with Anurag University

Developing a composite 3d printer


Project with CIT

Development of medical devices and instruments using additive manufacturing


4th Floor, Cambridge Institute of Technology,  Jai Bhuvaneshwari Layout Rd, SR Layout, Chikkabasavanapura, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036

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