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PLA Wood
(Polylactic Acid WOOD)

PLA Wood filament is a unique variant of PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament that incorporates finely ground wood fibers or particles. This combination results in a filament that mimics the appearance and texture of wood while retaining the ease of use and printability of PLA.One of the primary advantages of PLA Wood filament is its aesthetic appeal. When printed, it produces objects with a natural wood-like finish, complete with visible wood grain and texture. This makes it an excellent choice for creating decorative items, artistic models, figurines, and architectural prototypes that require a rustic or organic look.PLA Wood filament retains many of the favorable properties of PLA, such as its biodegradability, low warping, and high printability. It has a relatively low printing temperature, making it compatible with a wide range of 3D printers. PLA Wood also boasts good layer adhesion and dimensional stability, resulting in reliable and accurate prints.While PLA Wood filament offers the appearance of wood, it is important to note that it does not possess the same physical properties as actual wood. It is not as strong or durable as wood and does not have the same weight or density. However, PLA Wood is typically stronger than regular PLA, thanks to the addition of wood particles.Post-processing PLA Wood prints can enhance their appearance. Sanding the surface can bring out the wood texture further, while staining or varnishing can add depth and richness to the color. Additionally, PLA Wood prints can be painted or stained with wood-specific finishes to achieve desired effects.When working with PLA Wood filament, it is important to consider its limitations. The presence of wood particles in the filament can potentially clog the nozzle, so it is advisable to use a larger nozzle diameter or perform regular maintenance to prevent blockages.In summary, PLA Wood filament is a popular choice for achieving a natural wood-like finish in 3D prints. It combines the ease of use and printability of PLA with the aesthetic appeal of wood. While not as strong or dense as real wood, PLA Wood filament is ideal for decorative and artistic applications where the appearance of wood is desired.

PLA Wood
(Polylactic Acid WOOD)


Enhanced craftsmanship




  • Decorative objects: PLA Wood filament is commonly used to create decorative objects such as sculptures, figurines, ornaments, and home décor items that mimic the appearance of wood.

  • Furniture accessories: Handles, knobs, trim pieces, and decorative accents made from PLA Wood filament can enhance furniture pieces with an organic and aesthetic appeal.

  • Model making: PLA Wood is popular for architectural models, dioramas, and miniature scenes, adding a realistic wood-like appearance to enhance the visual appeal of the models.

  • Arts and crafts: PLA Wood filament can be utilized in arts and crafts projects to create wooden textures, veneer-like surfaces, and faux wood finishes, providing a natural and rustic look.

  • Education: PLA Wood is used in educational settings to teach about wood materials, woodworking, and woodworking techniques through the creation of educational models, prototypes, and visual aids.

  • Customized gifts: PLA Wood filament allows for the creation of personalized and customized gifts with a wood-like appearance, such as custom-engraved keychains, coasters, phone cases, and plaques.

  • Film and theater props: PLA Wood can be used to create lightweight and cost-effective props for film and theater productions, providing realistic-looking wood elements without the weight and expense of real wood.

  • Architectural and interior design: PLA Wood can simulate wood elements in visual prototypes and models, aiding in the visualization and planning process for architectural and interior design projects.

  • Woodcraft simulation: PLA Wood filament can be employed to simulate woodcrafts, collage art, and scrapbooking projects, creating wooden textures and incorporating a natural look into various craft endeavors.

  • Visual representation: PLA Wood can be used to create representations of wood elements in building designs, room layouts, and furniture arrangements, allowing for a better visualization and understanding of the final result in architectural and interior design projects.

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